When Things Go Awry . . . As They Often Do

I admit, at the first sign of defeat, I was defeated. Not a good start to starting out. I was so gung-ho. I found this fabulous website promoted by Google, RBC, and Yola.ca called Get Your Business Online. There was even a video from Dennis O’Leary of the Dragon’s Den promoting it (which I see has now since been removed). It offered (offers) a free website and domain for a year through Yola.com. So I signed up. Here’s where the defeat sets in. I signed up with a non-existing e-mail account and could never access my website again. I was puzzled until I contacted Yola.com support and they told me I hadn’t received any notices because everything was being sent to another e-mail address. Well to get the e-mail account switched to my active one was a long drawn-out process that made me want to give up on the spot. But, I decided to give it another try and created a new e-mail account with Shaw with the incorrect e-mail address that I had used to setup my website account. And it was available and so I now have that e-mail account ID as well. Now I can access my website once again. However, it is still in the building process. Once I get it up and running I will link to it. So moral of the story is . . . don’t give up! Find ways to make it work! When you make idiotic mistakes don’t assume that makes you an idiot. After all, I did find a work around. Until next time . .. .


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