Success in Striving

There are millions of people out there who want to start a business or who have read and heard stories of others who have become overnight successes, whether it is by finding the next big thing, starting up an internet business, writing an e-book,  affiliate programming,  etc. There are many people out there who dream about becoming rich like all the other people they see around them with the big houses and fancy cars. If they can do it, why can’t I?


Mark Twain wrote a short story called, “The $30,000 Bequest“. It’s somewhat lengthy but has a lot of value even today. It’s a story about a family that gets word that they will be inheriting money from a distant relative, $30,000. The story is about how they dream about this money and what they will do with it to such an extent that it starts to affect how

they live their lives. They decide to “invest” the money and spend many hours calculating and reinvesting their imaginary money into millions.

Throughout the story, Mark Twain adds these little observations, such as:

What miracles habit can do! and how quickly and how easily habits are acquired–both trifling habits and habits which profoundly change us. If by accident we wake at two in the morning a couple of nights in succession, we have need to be uneasy, for another repetition can turn the accident into a habit; and a month’s dallying with whiskey — but we all know these commonplace facts.

The castle-building habit, the day-dreaming habit–how it grows! what a luxury it becomes; how we fly to its enchantments at every idle moment, how we revel in them, steep our souls in them, intoxicate ourselves with their beguiling fantasies–oh yes, and how soon and how easily our dream life and our material life become so intermingled and so fused together that we can’t quite tell which is which, any more.

Do you ever catch yourself dreaming about how life could be if only . . . ?  The bottom line of course is to forget about the fantasies and do the work. Some good advice I recently came across is to have a plan and work it. Of course, this is nothing new but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of it . . . and do it. Set goals bit by bit and work towards them. Do at least one thing a day that works towards your goals, whether they be business goals, health goals, or family goals. This is a habit that can change our lives and help work towards actual achievement of our goals. Of course, if you have more time available to work on your goals than devote more time. This is just a starting point, especially for those of us who can tend to procrastinate and easily get distracted with such things as video games, television, and YouTube, or just plain daydreaming about how things could be.

In fact, I’ve started putting this into practice and it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you follow this simple strategy . . . I’ve got my website up and live. It still needs some fine-tuning, but it’s there. Now the next step is to get some traffic and keep building it up. But I’ve done it. There will be trials, but it’s how we deal with them that can guarantee our success.

Keep striving and the success will come.


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