Networking Works

I was at my hairdresser’s the other day and Imageas you know, at the hairdressers, part of the ritual is to talk about life and what’s going on, so I told her about my blog and my goals for the future. I also mentioned that I would like to start interviewing local small business owners and getting their insights and advice. She was very enthusiastic and we have plans to meet for an interview. One thing lead to another. I mentioned that If she was interviewed in the blog, it could promote her business. In fact, we could link to her website. But, alas, she doesn’t have a website. Hmmm, so, I offered to help her with her website and in exchange she offered to provide a service for me. And she has friends . . . who need help with their websites, and . . . .so on. So my lessons learned this week are:

  • Put it out there – you don’t want to be a drone or only talk about your business but if an opportunity presents itself remember the saying, “Opportunity only has one hair, and you have to grab it as it’s going by.” Don’t ask me where I learned that from. I read it years ago and for some crazy reason it always stuck with me. The point is, if you see opportunities, grab them. Don’t be  afraid of rejection. I’m a writer mostly, not a talker. And I find it difficult to promote myself verbally. So, I had to self-talk myself into mentioning the interview again and offering to help her with a website. Otherwise, nothing would have happened. I would have paid her and left. Now, I’m one small step closer to my goals. 
  • Be willing to do something for someone else – good things will come from it. Time and time again in the business start up books I read, a common theme these days seems to be about the need to be willing to do something for others, whether it’s providing free information on how to do something or some other value-added service.

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