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How do you Manage your On Line Presence?

Although many business owners realize the importance of maintaining their online presence and start out with good intentions, they may not be seeing the results they had hoped for.

This could be due to a few factors:

  • Lack of knowledge about how people will find them on the internet
    • Do they know what is search engine optimization (SEO)?
    • Do they realize that they need to link to their site from other sites and directories?
  • Lack of persistence in maintaining their on-line presence
    • Do they know that they may be losing customers through lack of maintenance? I know that if I go to a site that has outdated information or is obviously just slapped up there without any thought it makes me question the credibility of the company or product.
  • Lack of perceived value
    • Do they realize that if their website is handled correctly they could significantly increase their traffic and potential customer base?

Seattle-123Some entrepreneurs may think that all they need to do is put up a website and no further thought to their website is needed other than the occasional maintenance, if that. They may have paid hundreds of dollars for web design and hosting, but when they don’t see any results they may decide to resort to other traditional methods of face-to-face customer contact.

How often have you come across websites that are well-designed but with out-dated information about last year’s Christmas party still up? Or their last newsletter was from the spring of this year? And yet, how much more effective would their website be if they would only ensure that it continued to provide valuable and timely information to their customers.

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