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$100 Start Up coming to a community near you.

In my regular scouring of the internet for fantastic business tips and admittedly some sort of painless entry into the business world where I wake up the next day and I’m a great success without even having started . . . I came across Of course, it immediately appealed to me — a business startup for $100? I already like it. And the good news is the author, Chris Guillebeau, is going to be appearing in Calgary on June 20th at 7 p.m. and it’s free. The bad news is I can’t go because I’m working that day. If you check his website you will be able to see additional information. You will have to sign up to attend.

Under the resources section on the website there are also several documents that could be very useful such as “Seven Steps to Market Testing”, and “The One Page Business Plan”.

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